Julius Orange

Dandy owner of the Randy Buffalo



Cool: 0

Hard: 1

Hot: 2


Weird: -1

You call this hot? – Roll hot instead of cool
Fingers in every pie – Put out the word that I want something. Roll hot.
10- It shows up at my place
7-9 My people make an effort and want to please
On a miss it shows up with strings attached.



Rea +2

Shadow +3


Julius worked odd jobs and bootlegs to scrape up capitol and reputation necessary to open the Randy Buffalo. He collected some loyalties and fucked some people over as well. Julius sees himself as a pillar in his community but also as a collector of information (which he sees as the source of all leverage). Most people in town see a dandy cat with a flare for business but underneath a cool exterior his ambition burns orange hot…

Julius Orange

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