Meadow Gold

Why bother?


I’m beginning to think I may not be the master of my own destiny. Why bother taking up such a active role in the community when everything I plan goes up in smoke. Damn Mr. Cocopuffs I sent him for information, I even made sure my contacts were… perfect… He’s still not back. Instead I got a mess back at my bar. After that dumb shit smoked Jackson V he had the audacity to try and extort me. Between him and Sharon and Mountain the Dude I’m surrounded by idiots. Spent hours after I killed that chump but I played that situation like a song. All because of Bambi…. after all that what to I hear. The Bambino is dead!? Why do I bother playing the game? I could have shot every idiot in that bar and it would have saved me a good deal of time and effort.


RSHipskind SteveW

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