Meadow Gold

Useless Things

Julius Orange

Strange times have a way of delivering strange fortune and today was some _strange times. A triple hanging and a water shortage. People get upset when there’s no water. Find me a water shortage in history that didn’t get out of hand.Now my old best customer is wanted by the Great Bambino. Well he was my best customer. He won’t be with Bambi’s guys after him, or the that saucy one with the tight corset and the wooden arm. Jackson V is useless now and useless things have a way of disappearing….

Helping catch him discreetly may have endeared me to the Bambino but when he stumbled into my bar he became too close for comfort. I only sent Cocopuffs for the information not the man. If this is his doing he overstepped. I can’t be seen to publicly feed on my patron’s demise nor can I be seen to publicly oppose the Great Bambino. This will force my hand in an unpleasant direction. One thing is for sure Jackson is worse than useless now. Maybe this disappearing act needs an assistant.


RSHipskind SteveW

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