Meadow Gold

Shadow Beastie #1 and #2

Gang Time!

It’s been a weird day. One of my members got hanged. Tried to strong arm the barkeep, Julius, into helping me find the last deserter. Shot my archrival- Butch. Took her gun. Got to stretch my legs in a chase. Good day. Weird. But good. And then- things got even weirder.

I show back up the Yard. Not sure why I feel drawn to the place. Or Ray. But I am. And I always listen to my gut. Anyway, I show back up to find Ray had been shot! Now, I’ve seen dad do plenty of surgeries before. Bullets aren’t even that hard to get out. You heat up some tongs, go in after the bullet, and get it out. Done-zo y done-zo. So… why is Ray so hesitant? This shouldn’t hurt much. She’s screaming of course, thank goodness dad isn’t doing this one, he’s not as gentle as I am, and just as I clamp onto the bullet, this … thing… comes flying at me like I’m the devil! Reflexes take over and i jump back out of the way, luckily keeping hold of the bullet.

Come to find out, the thing is a person called Grizz. She immediately takes her hands and puts water on them before putting them over Ray’s wound. The wound heals instantly! But what’s even weirder is that Ray now has a Mark in the exact shape like Grizz’s handprint. And I instantly want to know more about who this person is. I’ve seen Marks like that before.

Before I can ask my questions, Grizz goes spastic and the radio starts playing these weird sounds. All the sudden Datsun shows up. Considering how slowly the man moves, it’s amazing that he magically shows up at what seems to be the perfect time for him. So now, i’m on babysitting duty for the One Who Marks while Ray and this guy have a chat. I don’t mind the busy work for once, a person who Marks is important indeed. And knowing it’s Datsun, we’ll be here a while.

Then Ray comes back and says Datsun wants her water trucks. Grizz like wakes up out of a dream screaming about Bambi being dead. I think she’s talking about the Great Bambino? Not nice to call him Bambi. So I say that i want to go up to the Palace. But Ray says no. Hmm… how to make her think I’ll do what she wants? I don’t think she’s right in that I should stay away. I have work to do. And, I’ve hit my quota of weirdness for the day. So I offer to take the 2 bodies in her yard to my dad’s place to have him burn the bodies with the intention of dropping them off and leaving to head to the palace.


RSHipskind Kolixen

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