Meadow Gold

Grizz's Logs

01 - The Hangings

Went to town today. Mozilla came with. It’s Ration-Day, and while I don’t have any need for the water the others rely on (bless the Source), I enjoy the time to peruse the market, catch up with old acquaintances, and listen for news of other followers.

Ray was in her stall tinkering with her trinkets. She does good work. Always has the answer. Good woman. I like her. I think Mozilla does too, but Mozilla is kind of hard to read. Mozilla likes to correct me when I call Bambino “Bambi.”

“That’s a whipping,” Mozilla says.

I like Mozilla too. I like most people. Maybe not Bambi. He killed some guys. Hanged ‘em. Strung ’em up real good. Ray says it’s because they deserted the water train, but I don’t think that’s worthy of a hanging. Maybe they was just sleeping. Maybe they got lost. I bet Bambi didn’t ask.

It makes me mad. Their lives weren’t his to take. Don’t touch what’s not yours, that’s the rule. The Source doesn’t look fondly upon those who break the rules.

Ray said she’s making a truck. Like for water. Water truck. Maybe I could use it, bring some water in. No water this week, Bambi said. How can they live without water? I can share. More followers for the Source. I’ll talk to Ray about it tomorrow. She thinks Bambi might get mad, but if I’m helping his people (they’re not really his, just the slaves, but that’s not right) then how can he be mad? People die without water. I’ve seen it.

I gave her a blessed vial before I went on my way. People to talk to, Jackson V to find. He’s wanted as a deserter so Bambi can hang him too. That’s not right.

I stayed close town tonight for the ceremonial preparations. Heard a loud bang, some shouting. Hope everything is okay.

Bless the Source.


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